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Lesbian Erotica Novelist Pioneers Polyamorous Fiction with ‘A Taste for Three’

HOUSTON, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boldly breaking new ground in a sought-after genre, Ro Smith takes lesbian lit erotica to the next level with a tasteful take on ménage à trois.

A Taste For Three
A Taste For Three
  • A Taste for Three will be released on Amazon on August 31st, 2022, with the kindle version already available to pre-order.
  • The author is known for her lusty lesbian micro reads, often with a black female lead.
  • Previous publications includes The Little Book of Quickies Series – a three-part series of sensual short stories, with each new release attracting an array of rhapsodic reviews.
  • A Taste for Three follows on from Pandora’s Box, a quickie from Part 1 of the series, featuring lesbian couple Eve and Chloe and their unexpected new lover, Renae.

Raunchy romance novels are nothing new, but most feature a tired take on heteronormativity that fails to arouse interest among even the straightest of readers.

Evocative novelist Ro Smith is ready to revolutionize the romance literary landscape with her latest triumph, A Taste for Three. Alluring and avant-garde, this story serves to satisfy those innermost desires, exploring the uncharted intricacies of a three-woman relationship.

Eve and Chloe are the couple that becomes a triad when curvaceous beauty, Renae, brings a much-needed dose of desire, with unexpected consequences. Expertly written to underscore themes of exclusion, Ro Smith’s take on this typically taboo lifestyle is absorbing no matter your orientation.

Ro Smith
Ro Smith

It allows for heightened awareness and understanding by drawing on realistic dialogue and themes that resonate with all who have ever felt desire. Most importantly, Ro Smith paves the way for other black female authors by featuring a strong black female lead, bringing much-needed representation to an international readership.

As she told us; “Black women…especially black, curvy women who happen to be lesbian, are rarely ever written as the main character or love interest in books. I want to change that. Being black is beautiful. Being curvy is beautiful. Being lesbian is beautiful. We, too, deserve to be placed on pedestals.”

And when it comes to diversity in romance novels, Ro’s not wrong. According to The State of Radical Diversity in Publishing, only 11.9% of all romance novels in 2021 were penned by BIPOC (black, indigenous, and/or people of color) authors. In 2017, that number was as low as 6.2%. The report is carried out annually by Bea and Leah Koch, who proudly run a queer-owned romance bookstore named The Ripped Bodice.

These statistics show that A Taste for Three is sure to provide a much-needed dose of diversity in a systemically stagnant romance literary genre.

About the Author

Ro Smith is a risqué erotica and fiction writer with a penchant for providing refreshing character roles in a contemporary literary market. Previous titles include the Little Book of Quickies Series. All three are currently available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

Her debut standalone story puts polyamorous romance books on the map with a realistic portrayal of diverse romantic relationships.

A Taste for Three is available for pre-order here.

For more information and inquiries:
Ro Smith


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