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Hilton – Named #1 Workplace for Diversity

Hilton has been recognized as the #1 best workplace for Diversity and Inclusion just one week after also being ranked the #1 best workplace for Parents by Great Places to Work. These extraordinary acknowledgments underscore the sense of family and belonging that are the foundation of outstanding workplace culture.

Hilton offers programs to help all Team Members – both hourly and salaried – thrive personally and professionally. Benefits supporting working parents include flexible working environments, parental leaveadoption assistance, GED support, and 10-day advanced scheduling that provides hotel Team Members the flexibility to plan their lives.

“At Hilton, we know how important it is to create a great place to work for all, so that our workforce can truly reflect and connect with the communities where we live and work,” said Christopher J. Nassetta, president & CEO of Hilton. “I hear inspiring stories every day about the experiences our Team Members have with us, and it’s clear by investing in our Hilton family, we are making the world a better place for our Team Members and guests.”

Programs that foster diversity and inclusion include Team Member Resource Groups, Regional Inclusion Groups, Leadership and Career Development Tools and supplier diversity programs that has allowed Hilton to cultivate relationships with more than 3,000 women-, minority-, Veteran-, and LGBTQ-owned businesses.

“We’re deeply committed to recruiting and retaining Team Members who represent many different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives,” said Matthew W. Schuyler, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hilton. “Our goal is to be the most hospitable company in the world and the most inclusive place to work. Empowering a diverse workforce is fundamental to our success.”

These recognitions demonstrate Hilton’s ongoing journey to create a great place to work for all. Recent distinctions include: #2 on the World’s Best Workplaces list, #14th Best Workplace for Women in the U.S. and a Best Workplace for Millennials in Italy (#6). Hilton has also been recognized as a “Great Place To Work” in 12 countries: Australia (#4) China (#6), Colombia (#12), India (#18), Italy (#2), Netherlands (#11), Peru (#3), Turkey (#2), United Arab Emirates (#7), United Kingdom (#6), Mexico (#4), Brazil (#17) and United States (#33).

About Hilton

Hilton (NYSE: HLT) is a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of 15 world-class brands comprising more than 5,500 properties with nearly 895,000 rooms, in 109 countries and territories. Dedicated to fulfilling its mission to be the world’s most hospitable company, Hilton earned a spot on the 2018 world’s best workplaces list, and has welcomed more than 3 billion guests in its nearly 100 year history. Through the award-winning guest loyalty program, Hilton Honors, nearly 82 million members who book directly with Hilton have access to instant benefits, including digital check-in with room selection, Digital Key, and Connected Room. Visit newsroom.hilton.com for more information, and connect with Hilton on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram, and YouTube.


Alison Scott, Hilton
[email protected]

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Survey - Not a Single Philippine Company is LGBTQ Inclusive - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Survey – Not a Single Philippine Company is LGBTQ Inclusive

There are zero LGBTQ diversity and inclusive supportive Philippine companies as found by a recent survey study according to a study conducted by the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce with the support of the research firm Cogneica and the Netherlands.  What they did find is that the only companies in the Philippines to offer gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer employees any level of inclusive policies and benefits are all foreign-owned businesses. 

Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce - OutBuro - Gay Professional Networking LGBT Business News GLBT Entrepreneur Community Lesbian Owner Queer Jobs

Of these small number of companies, everyone is a business process outsourcer leaving the opportunity for Philippine employees a diverse range of employment while feeling safe and welcomed at work is dismal.  To start A recent study found that internationally even being perceived as LGBTQ can impact your ability to get hired, get promoted and even if hired the salary the employer decides you are worth is typically far reduced than what they pay a perceived heterosexual.  Another recent study found that on average  72% of LGBTQ people report experiencing unhealthy stress due to anti-LGBTQ hostile work environments experiencing discrimination in its many ways.

Sexuality, gender identity or expression (SOGIE) LGBTQ friendly policies and benefits have been proven to be good for business.  Naturally, around the world and Philippines being no different, there are long-standing cultural biases to move beyond and grow from.  The work that the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce is doing is outstanding.

Part of that work was conducting the Philippine Corporate SOGIE Diversity & Inclusiveness Index 2018 which surveyed 100 companies which employ a total of 267,231 people.  Of the 56 companies and government agencies that responded not a single one has any form of an LGBTQ anti-discrimination policy nor did they indicate any plans to change their policies in the forthcoming 5 years.

Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce Report LGBTI diversity inclusivity 2

Photo via the organization’s Facebook page.

LGBTQ anti-discrimination law

Brian Tenorio, Chair of the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce, said the survey was a ‘wake up call’ to enact the Philippines’, LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Bill.  Meanwhile, Senate Bill No. 1271 has been stalling in the Senate for almost 2 years.  When passed, the new anti-discrimination law would make it illegal to deny access to public services, hire or dismiss, impede access to education, or harass a person based on sexuality, gender identity or expression.  That is and will progress considering even in the United States nearly half the states do not provide full LGBT legal protection.

Without LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws, LGBT+ professionals continue to face harassment, discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry without any recourse every day.

This report shines light on the problem and the scope.  It can be leveraged to help to create change toward equality and fair treatment of all employees.

Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce Report LGBTI diversity inclusivity
Photo via the organization’s Facebook page.

Plans for change

#ZEROto100PH plans to work hard to get 100 companies to pledge their commitment to make their businesses LGBT-inclusive with non-discrimination and equal employment policies, education, and benefits.  They will educate the companies on the benefits of being LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming and leverage international resources to make it happen.

About the LGBT Philippine Chamber of Commerce

The Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce is an industry organization of businesses of, by, and for the LGBT in the Philippines. The main bottom line of the organization is good business and national economic development via the efforts of its LGBT members.  They offer a diverse range of programs for their members.

About Cogencia

Based in the Philippines, Cogencia provides strategic insights to business and organizations.  Their end-to-end market, social and stakeholder services cover the entire delivery cycle from planning to implementation.  They support an organization’s effectivity, growth, and expansion through market insights, in-house research, and strategic capabilities.

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Best European Countries for LGBTQ Professionals to Live and Work - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Best European Countries for LGBTQ Professionals to Live and Work

Globally, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and heteroflexible equality rights, protections, and benefits differ greatly from country to country.  Even in the U.S. over half the states do not provide LGBTQ legal protections.   A recent study found that even being perceived as LGBTQ can impact your ability to get hired, get promoted and even if hired the salary the employer decides you are worth is typically less than what they’d offer a perceived heterosexual.

LGBTQ professionals may have great experience to bring to their next employer that is based on volunteer or paid work they performed at an LGBTQ non-profit.  The gay/lesbian professional has to decide if to be out on their resume to best represent that experience to land that new job.  They have to consider the current work environment and if the new work environment will not only a great career move but also if it will be free from harassment and discrimination.  Often they have to put up with “less will be better”.  With all the study backed data, it is no wonder that  72% of LGBTQ people report experiencing unhealthy stress due to un-supportive and sometimes hostile work environments through discrimination in its many forms. No matter the political landscape where you do business, your company can establish policies and benefits to support your LGBTQ employees and reap the benefits as a company.

Initiated by the European Court of Justice’s recent call for same-sex spouses to receive residential rights in all European countries, the study conducted an extensive review of the 26 different European countries to assess the landscape of right and quality of life for LGBTQ citizens.

Malta Number 1 Best European Country to Live and Work for LGBTQ Professionals OutBuro Gay Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information
Malta – Number 1 Best European Country for LGBTQ Professionals to Live and Work

For this study, researchers considered a wide array of important issues such as:

  • LGBTQ inclusive employment rights
  • Laws protecting sexual orientation and gender expression
  • fair and equal housing laws
  • housing rental costs
  • LGBT hate crime rates

Top 5

  1. Malta
  2. Denmark
  3. Croatia
  4. Austria
  5. Spain

Malta – Lots of Reasons it is Number 1

Malta sored to the top of the ranking to claim the title of the best place to work and live if you’re LGBTQ+ professional.  Malta has the second lowest unemployment rate in Europe, coupled with its well-known nightlife for letting loose over the weekend.  It is one of Central Europe’s fastest growing tech scene, and the most extensive laws to protect their LGBTQ+ residents.  In addition, Malta believes in work-life balance providing the highest minimum amount of annual paid leave and bank holidays of 38 days combined.

Bottom 5

26. Latvia

25. Bulgaria

24. Italy

23. Lithuania

22. Ireland

Expert Market Research Info Graphic - Best Places to Work in Europe for LGBTQ Professionals - OutBuro Gay Business Networking Community Owner Entrepreneurs Lesbian Leaders Startup Queer
Infographic courtesy of Expert Market

From these various facts and figures, they then allocated each country with a ‘rainbow score’ to determine which would be the best options for young, travel-hungry LGBT+ professionals.

The United Kingdom also featured in the top 10, although close neighboring countries including Spain, France, and Germany all boasted a higher ‘rainbow score’ – a fact which can probably be attributed to rising rental prices and overall cost of living.

Researchers also note that city-wide legislation protecting against hate crime in the UK hasn’t been implemented nationally, also contributing to its comparatively low rating.

Meanwhile, countries like Italy – known for its repeated refusals to recognize same-sex marriage – and Latvia – officially the worst, a fact which has been acknowledged in the past – populate the bottom end of the list. Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Ireland all round out the lowest five, proving that there’s still work to be done in order to make Europe truly LGBT+-friendly.

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5 Financial Companies Standing Out Supporting the LGBTQ Community - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

5 Financial Companies Standing Out Supporting the LGBT Community

Companies of all sizes are realizing not only the social responsibility to their gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and heteroflexible employees but also the many benefits of it while reducing their legal risk exposure in the process. They take a stand to reduce and eliminate the stressful harm that 72% of LGBTQ people report experiencing from un-supportive and sometimes hostile work environments through discrimination in its many forms. If your company doesn’t yet fully support your LGBTQ employees there are steps you can take to raise the bar for equality.

The road to equality has been long and we have not yet arrived at our destination globally let alone here in the US where still today nearly half of the U.S. states do not have full protection for its LGBTQ citizens. Through the vision, courage, hard work and determination of many LGBTQ leaders and community allies, they started the process and continue to work tirelessly toward full equality. It’s important to recognize those companies that stand out in support of their LGBTQ employees and customers. They took and continue to take risks and realizing the right thing to do is always the best approach. Companies can be the bridge when the waters of the political climate churns.

OutBuro where you belong lgbtq entrprenuers out gay business owers lesbian startups queer professionals employer ratings customer reviews bisexual transgender equality community 1

Thank you to the following companies. Not only do they support our equality, they care about our personal and business financial health and security.


MassMutual - OutBuro LGBT Business News Employee Company Employer Reviews GLBT Gay Professional Networking Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer job portal seeker community
Rate MassMutual as an LGBTQ employee
Debt Free Guys - OutBuro LGBT Business Reviews Rating Gay entrepreneur community Professional Network Lesbian startup Networking Company Queer Bisexual Transgender

A huge stand out is MassMutual. They were one of the first to jump on as an original signatory on the 2013 amicus brief to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). They have taken all the steps to ensure their work culture and the environment is a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQ employees and participated in community events and created a Vow to Protect campaign featuring LGBTQ staff talking about what marriage equality means to them. Their products and services such as life insurance, investment, and retirement services are all designed to be inclusive for all customers. It’s awesome when companies use LGBTQ people and couples in their advertising. Often that is most notable during the Pride month of June. MassMutual is again a stand out supporter who is as of right now, the only financial services firm who feature a same-sex couple on their company homepage. Also, MassMutual is a supporter of the Debt Free Guys– IMHO, the best personal finance blog focused on the LGBTQ community where they offer solid advice on getting your finances under control and growing your financial health and freedom.

Mass Mutual supports the LGBTQ community. They are solidly worth your consideration. Do business with a company that supports the whole you.

Wells Fargo - OutBuro LGBT Employer Reviews Rating Diveristy Recruiting Jobs Company Sexual Orientation Policy Gay Professional Network Employee Advocacy Lesbian Queer Bisexual
Rate Wells Fargo as an LGBTQ employee

Wells Fargo

Well prior to same-gender marriage becoming the law of the land nationally in the U.S., Wells Fargo created and sponsored the Accredited Domestic Partner Adviser (ADPA) designation through the College of Financial Planning, the accrediting body of Certified Financial Planning (CFP) professionals. The ADPA training and certification to guide same-sex couples to financial planners versed in special personal finance issues unique to them.

The ADPA educates advisor on state and federal tax issues, retirement planning, wealth transfers, federal taxation, critical health financial planning, and end-of-life needs. Although some of these topics with marriage equality may be the same as heterosexual married couples there are areas that still need special attention with same-sex couples. Further, even though we can marry many couples decide to not marry yet still want to do the right thing and plan for their financial future individually or as a couple.

In 2015, Wells Fargo took its first step in airing a commercial that included a TV commercial featuring a lesbian couple adopting a little girl. They and their employees participate in Pride events around the country.

Capital One

Capital One - OutBuro LGBT Business News Employee Company Employer Reviews GLBT Gay Professional Networking Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer job portal seeker community
Rate Capital One as an LGBTQ employee

Not only does Capital One support its employees with LGBT friendly policy and benefits, but they also support the general community too. In 2016, Capital One donated $10.3 million to the San Francisco’s LGBT Center renovation capital building project. The San Francisco LGBT Center provides a large array of services like for the youth, medically challenged, employment training and placement as well as assistance to LGBT entrepreneurs.

CapitalOne was a Champion Sponsor of Out & Equal’s 2017 Workplace Summitheld in October of 2017 in Philadelphia. Financial security for most is founded on stable employment and feeling safe at work is the cornerstone workplace equality. Out & Equal is a leading US-based nonprofit global organization that educates and advocates for that workplace equality. With Capital One along with its other sponsors, Out & Equal focus on its core mission.

Capital One doesn’t just publicly market itself as LGBT friendly during the Pride month of June. Despite the potential risk and leveraged the hilariously Ross Mathews in a series of educational online videos. Funny and money don’t

Capital One is a bank holding company that specializes in providing credit cards, loans, banking and savings accounts. LGBT community – What’s in Your Wallet?

Prudential Financial - OutBuro LGBT Business News Employee Company Employer Reviews GLBT Gay Professional Networking Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer job portal seeker community
Rate Prudential as an LGBTQ employee.

Prudential Financial

Prudential and their family of global companies offer insurance, investment management, and other financial products. Research of LGBT money Prudential did in 2012 and 2016 with its LGBT Financial Experience Surveys is a valuable tool in understanding the LGBT financial client invaluable.
In order to continue to grow the strength of the LGBT community, each person needs to be financially solid, through good financial management, good jobs with supportive employers, and build our companies as entrepreneurs. We then can individually provide our time, expertise and financial support to our LGBT community non-profits who support equality goals and persons in need.

JPMorgan Chase Co - OutBuro LGBT Employer Reviews Rating Gay Professional Network Lesbian Business Networking Diversity Recruiting Jobs Company Queer Bisexual Transgender
Rate JPMoran Chase as an LGBTQ employee.

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase was also a sponsor of Out & Equal’s 2017 Workplace Summit held in October of 2017 in Philadelphia. In addition to robust LGBT friendly policies and benefits, their LGBT employee resource group and allies participate in Pride events around the country. 

JPMorganChase also featured an article about the Debt Free Guys LGBT personal Finance blog on their website in June 2017 which received lots of positive feedback.

Are you aware of what other companies in any field are doing for their LGBTQ employees, community and customers?  We’d love to highlight them here on OutBüro too.

Contact us with a little information and the best company contact to learn more.

5 Ways You Should Be Using OutBüro as an Employer - LGBT Employees Rate Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

5 Ways You Should Be Using OutBüro as an Employer

You likely already know that being an LGBTQ friendly employer is great for your business work culture and financial bottom line. OutBüro can be a tremendous resource to help you attract and grab top-tier gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) talent. OutBüro was launched in mid-2018 by Dennis Velco leveraging the over 10 years of founding, growing, and moderating LinkedIn’s largest LGBT professional networking group with 45,000 global members. A large focus of OutBüro is to be growing resource for candidates to use the site to research employers, write and read reviews, network with other professionals, and find new job opportunities with LGBTQ inclusive and friendly employers. As an employer, effectively managing your organization’s presence on OutBüro can help you put your best foot forward with these candidates and support your HRC Corporate Equality Index scoring if on or seeking to be on that listing.

Check out a recent article about OutBüro on Forbes.com titled, “How OutBuro.com is Leading the Way for Career-Minded Employees”.

1. Showcase your company brand

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a free user account and complete your personal professional profile. Afterward, you may either add the company for free with limited features or for a small fee add the company with full features and control of the company content. The full-featured listing allows you to indicate the LGBTQ inclusive benefits and policies you provide no matter your company size. For companies already on the HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI) this is another opportunity for you to demonstrate you diverse, inclusive and welcoming work environment. For companies out of HRC’s scope, this is your opportunity to publicly show your support for your LGBTQ employees no matter your company size or location worldwide.

Full company listings provide the ability for a robust company description, photos, videos, social media links, and opportunity to showcase your LGBTQ inclusive policies, your employees and more.

2. Invite LGBTQ Employees to Rate Your Company

Get the accolades you deserve for making your company an awesome place to work. After your company listing is established, invite all your employees to come to OutBüro and rate your company from their unique LGBTQ perspective. This will demonstrate that in addition to having policies, your company is an outstanding place to work as an LGBTQ employee. This will be a great insight for future potential candidates and entice them to apply for your jobs. You are free to be creative and leverage postings on our site. Or contact us for employee marketing collateral about OutBüro.

The site is self-governing meaning inappropriate postings may be flagged for review. We also have company review guidelines and community standards.

Monitor and respond to reviews and interview feedback

OutBüro is the go-to and only site for employer reviews by LGBTQ employee. Launched in mid-2018 the site is growing. As members discover and read reviews at the start of their job search prior to speaking with a company recruiter or hiring manager you have the opportunity in influence their decision to work for your company knowing it is a welcoming and safe workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion.

Make it a point to monitor and respond to reviews and feedback on reviews as they are posted. Thank people for their time spent submitting a review, whether it is positive or negative overall, and address any complaints mentioned. While some complaints may be valid opportunities for improvement, others may be a matter of culture fit—so do your best to be transparent. Most job seekers find the employer perspective useful when learning about a company, and the majority say their perception of a company improves after seeing the company respond to a review.

3. Post Jobs

To achieve and maintain a 100% score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index the 2019 scoring requirements companies must now demonstrate they are actively recruiting within the LGBTQ community (requirement 3.C.1). OutBüro can be an active part when LGBTQ candidates are researching your employer brand, make it easy for them to find relevant job opportunities right on OutBüro. Users are either promote themselves professionally through connection and blogging on OutBüro, actively looking for jobs or would consider better opportunities. Since candidates have often researched organizations before submitting an application on general sites provide them the opportunity to learn more about you LGBTQ friendly work environment on OutBüro. They tend to be higher quality than those from other job boards who “spray and pray.”

Contact us to learn about our ability to capture your job posting directly from your current company job portal or provide a data feed.

4. Launch a Company Group

Start a group on OutBüro for current, past, and prospective employees no matter the company size. For large dispersed organizations, it is a great way for employees to connect while choosing their level of being public or anonymous off the company own network. Be the first to start another group about your industry to guide and shape the dialog as a leader.

5. Post Content

Increase your brand awareness with LGBTQ professionals. With a free OutBüro user account you may post content directly to our blog from your profile. Consider posting content such as press releases, industry news, LGBTQ employee profile features, LGBTQ employee resource group news, and events.


OutBüro is a growing valuable tool for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer professionals for networking and as passive or active job seekers. It is also a quite valuable tool for employers. Candidates use the site to determine where they are interested in working, and your presence there can be the difference between attracting a top-tier candidate or losing them to a competitor.

Are you aware of an LGBT owned business or community non-profit we should inform our readers about?  Contact us with an LGBT owned business lead or news tip.

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Heterofexible - 29% of Young Americans Say They Are Not 100% Heterosexual - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Heterofexible – 29% of Young Americans Say They Are Not 100% Heterosexual

29% of under-30s Americans consider themselves as something other than exclusively heterosexual on the seven-point ‘Kinsey Scale’

Invented by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s, the Kinsey scale plots individuals on a range of sexual dispositions from exclusively heterosexual at 0 through to exclusively homosexual at 6. YouGov conducted a study poll of American about their sexuality as a following on from a similar study in the UK.

  • 78% of Americans say that they are completely heterosexual while 4% say that they are completely homosexual
  • 16% of American adults say that they fall somewhere in between. In this group, the bulk (10%) say that they are more heterosexual than homosexual
  • 3% put themselves in the middle and another 3% say that they are predominantly homosexual.
  • 24% of people aged 30 to 44 say that they’re somewhere on the scale of bisexuality, compared to 8% or less of over-45s.
  • 2% of heterosexual American adults say that they have had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex.
  • A large number of Americans who classify themselves as heterosexual still admit to having had same-sex experiences.  Heterosexual identifying women (15%) are almost twice as likely as men (8%) to say that they have had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex – at least admit it.
  • Younger Americans are noticeably less likely than their elders to put themselves in a firm category and identify as “heteroflexible”.
  • 80% of all Americans say that they are completely heterosexual or homosexual only 66% of under-30s say the same. 29% of under-30s put themselves somewhere on the category of bisexuality or heteroflexible.
  • The poll study found that the older someone is the less likely they are to say that they have fluid sexual attractions.

Full poll results can be found here and topline results and margin of error here.

A similar study in the UK found that young Britons were even more likely to be sexually flexible than young Americans. Nearly half of Britons under the age of 25 say that they are some level of bisexual.

Why does this matter here at OutBüro?  Because of employment discrimination against people who do not display perceived heteronormative qualities – Study finds LGBT people less likely to be hired, paid less, and not promoted

Check out these additional resource articles:

Knowing that the younger up and coming workforce self-identify as heteroflexible should indicate a strong need for companies of all sizes to put forth a considerable effort in the diversity, inclusion, and welcoming work culture.

Check out the below article for more information:

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OutBuro Voices Interview Matthew French Awesomely Authentic Career Coach Educational College Prep Diversity Inclusion Consulting LGBT Professionals Gay Entrepreneurs LGBTQ Students

Research Finds Females Favor Hiring Gay and Lesbian Job Seekers

Women are somewhat more inclined to hire gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer job candidates when compared to equally-qualified heterosexual applicants, according to a study headed by the University of Sussex. However, the contrary is true when the recruiter is a male. All else being equal, male recruiters and hiring managers judge perceived heterosexual applicants as more desirable to hire.

One would assume that a recruiter and hiring manager with more experience would not demonstrate prejudice bias. Surprisingly, this prejudice was stronger among people who had considerable experience of assessing resumes/ CVs.

Female recruiters scored homosexual candidates an average of 5.21 and heterosexual candidates 4.8.  Whereas males scored homosexual candidates 4.6 and heterosexual candidates 4.93.

The analysis in the Journal of Business and Psychology is the first to spot a favorable bias for gay and lesbian applicants in the hiring process. This manifests when only females are making the hiring decisions and are the make up the majority of the hiring process from initial resume scanning, through interviews and offers of employment. Since an all-female hiring panel is not common the LGBT job seeker remains at a huge disadvantage based on learned bias. Hiring panels made by groups of both women and men could result in less biased conclusions.

Dr. Ben Everly of Sussex’s School of Business, Management, and Economics, “These results reveal that prejudice against gay men and lesbians is considerably more nuanced than previous work indicates.”

Also, these outcomes can impact if and how gay men and lesbians reveal their homosexual identities on the job.  This can make many feel the need to be in the closet at work.

Across two experiments, around 400 people were randomly shown one of four resumes/CVs: that of a lesbian, a gay male, a straight female or a straight male. The resumes presented where identical in all details, such as professional expertise. The only differences were if it indicated a male or female indicated through the name – Greg Johnson (man) or Jennifer Lewis (female) and secondly for each gender it listed belonging to a professional association. Those were the Los Angeles Gay Business Professionals (LGBT applicants) or Los Angeles Business Professionals (straight applicants). Note there was only one-word difference in those organizations – Gay. During post-experiment screening, some participants that wrongly identified that a candidate’s sexual orientation had been taken out of the research.

The analysis also found signs that women perceived the gay and lesbians applicants to be warm and competent, which these factors affected their hiring choices.

Males, however, considered heterosexual candidates as more capable, which influenced their hiring choices, but revealed no difference in perceived warmth between the four candidates.

Check out our article these articles:

Source: Journal of Business and Psychology

The Journal of Business and Psychology (JBP) is an international outlet for publishing high-quality research designed to advance organizational science and practice. Since its inception in 1986, the journal has published impactful scholarship in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Work Psychology, Occupational Psychology, and Vocational Psychology. http://www.springer.com/psychology/personality+%26+social+psychology/journal/10869

OutBuro - 10 LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Reviews Monitoring Workplace Diversity Inclusion Recruitment Marketing Branding LGBT Professionals Entrepreneurs Community

Study finds LGBT people less likely to be hired, paid less, and not promoted

A study recently published in the “Archives of Sexual Behaviour” conducted by researchers at the University of Surrey in the UK introduced voice samples and images with backgrounds removed of homosexual (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer) alongside the heterosexual persons, to a panel of heterosexual men and women. Participants weren’t informed of the subjects’ sexual orientation but permitted to openly guess their sexual orientation purely on the voice and photo of their face. The premise of the study was the heterosexual participants were recruiters and hiring managers and were instructed to evaluate the employability of the candidates. The participants were asked to respond to 5 statements on a scale of 1-5 as well as to provide their view of the perceived monthly wages they believed would be fair for the candidate.

They found that when participants perceived subjects to be homosexual (LGBT) – real or not, the believed them to be inadequate as leaders.

For male study candidates, voice and speech rather than physical looks influenced heavily on if they have been deemed appropriate for the job. Researchers discovered that projecting a “heterosexual-sounding” instead of the “gay-sounding” voice generated the belief that the study candidate normally displays masculine traits, which subsequently improved their perceived suitability for the job and the justification for a higher wage and advancement. The study discovered that heterosexuals believed gay men ought to be paid less than their heterosexual counterparts.

Perceived lesbian applicants were correlated with a deficiency of femininity and deemed as gender non-conforming. They received significantly less favorable evaluation compared to heterosexual perceived counterparts.

Dr. Fabio Fasoli explained: “These results reveal that the mere sound of a voice is enough to trigger stereotyping denying gay-sounding along with lesbian-sounding speakers that the benefit which is deemed typical of the gender.”

This study is demonstrating that despite all of the work to reduce workplace discrimination against the perceived and real LGBT workers and professionals, heterosexual individuals subconsciously typecast a person before getting to know them and make decisions to discriminate against them. This study highlights the real struggles at work and their career prospects. Heterosexuals can say that they pay their staff based on their qualifications, however, the basis of the employee/s value is being directly influenced by learned prejudices and stereotypes perpetuating inequality and oppression.

In another study participants were requested to listen to only the voices of two distinct speakers of one neutral content sentence and then asked to assess the speakers’ probable character traits and individual interests (i.e. sports, arts, areas of study and career). The traits and interests were manipulated in order to uncover stereotyping regarded as “generally manly” (e.g., soccer) and “typically feminine” (e.g., dancing). Additionally, participants were asked which of those speakers they’d select as a friend. The study was done in two parts. The first studying males and the second females.

Researchers found that participants attributed womanly traits into the perceived gay males compared to perceived heterosexual male speakers. Perceived lesbian speakers were far much more likely to be associated with manly traits than with feminine traits.

When asked which of these speakers’ participants would select as an acquaintance/friend, researchers discovered that male participants were far more likely to steer clear of gay-sounding speakers. This indicates the subtle yet real effect of how purely the voice and speech patterns contributes to social exclusion of homosexual people both in the workplace and in general society.

Dr. Fasoli added: “This study demonstrates that unacceptable levels of discrimination, be they subconscious or conscious, still exists in our society, and we need to do more to tackle the discrimination faced by the LGBT community.”

More information: Fabio Fasoli et al, Gay- and Lesbian-Sounding Auditory Cues Elicit Stereotyping and Discrimination, Archives of Sexual Behavior (2017). DOI: 10.1007/s10508-017-0962-0

Journal reference: Archives of Sexual Behavior – Springer Science+Business Media –

University of Surrey – http://www.surrey.ac.uk/

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OutBuro - 10 LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Reviews Monitoring Workplace Diversity Inclusion Recruitment Marketing Branding LGBT Professionals Entrepreneurs Community

Is OutBüro a site for disgruntled LGBT current and past employees to just rant and vent?

The simple answer is NO. It is a site where gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees can provide anonymous review/rating feedback about their current and past employers. Rather than simply find fault, we encourage everyone to be more balanced in their approach. We encourage LGBT employees to provide LGBT friendly companies with praise, appreciation, and accolades. Neutral and negative feedback is an opportunity for companies to improve.  Every review/rating goes through an administrative review. In that moderation, we seek that the submitter provided proof of employment and that they followed the provided community guidelines.  Any member found to be abusing the service may be removed from the site at the administrator’s discretion.

All site members may vote up or down reviews as being helpful or not.  Also, they may be reported as inappropriate where the site member reporting provides a text reason.  Employers who claim their listing and is a subscribing member may provide a response to a rating/review.  We have a recommendation on that as well.

What does an OutBüro Company Review/Rating ask?

Reviews include an open text area for a general review and then prompts for both Pros and Cons as well as direct upper management feedback and company/office/branch location.  An easy way to see it is to simply explore the site.  Choose a company and click the Write a Review button.  As noted on the data collection screen, some data is for statistical purposes only and is therefore not visible on the site publically.

Additionally, the review asks the reviewer to respond with a ranking of 1-5 for the following:

  • LGBTQ Friendly
  • Likely to Recommend an LGBTQ Friendly
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Compensation-Benefits
  • Job Security
  • Advancement
  • Culture
  • CEO Performance

The above star rated questions are individually ranked, again 1-5.  The rating overall company score is summed from this set. The company’s total overall rating is a sum of all ratings posted on the site to date for the company.

Additional questions that are not scored but provide insight are:

  • Job Title
  • Job Category – Full-time, Part-time, Temp, Contractor, Freelance, Intern, Volunteer, Other
  • Employee Status: Current, Former
  • Year last worked: providing the past 5 years – we desire a current reviewed
  • Benefits received checklist: Healthcare, Domestic Partner Benefits, Transgender Benefits, Dental, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, 401K, Stock Options, Paid Time Off, and Discounts
  • Average Hours Per Day– grouped in hour blocks
  • Average Hours Per Week– grouped in hour blocks
  • Paid Time Off – grouped in hour blocks

We believe this provides additional insight and collectively the more reviews a company acquires the more of a full picture will be developed.

Can anybody post anything they want?

We provide guidance via our Company Review Guidelines and provide features where other community members may up and down vote reviews/rating as well as flag them as inappropriate. Community Guidelines clearly outline what’s okay and what constitutes an activity that might lead to content to be removed. For instance, we request members to not post any confidential company information. Also to be respectful of others and give a balanced approach in their reviews/ratings.

How are reviews and other content moderated?

To make sure the most accurate, transparent, and invaluable advice is available to job seekers while balancing value to companies, OutBüro follows a collection of guidelines and principles.

  • We offer the ability for community members to vote if a review/rating was helpful to them
  • We offer the ability for employers and community members to flag a review as inappropriate which places it in a moderation queue for human review.
  • We don’t edit or alter content submitted on our site
  • We eliminate content if we have proof members were had monetary or other incentives to leave it
  • We do not allow employers to edit or change reviews

Can employers manipulate or remove testimonials?

No. Employers may and are encouraged to respond to company reviews/rating both negative and positive. It demonstrates they are listening and care about their employees work culture experience. Company criticism should be responded to in a non-defensive voice. A company may not, however, edit or reorder reviews.

Do employers have a voice on OutBüro?

Yes. We encourage all employers to be active on the site, by adding/claiming their listings, create a robust company review listing with information specific to the LGBT employees, add company photos and videos, respond to all reviews/ratings, flag content, join community groups and participate, add content to OutBüro’s blog and post open job opportunities.

Is OutBüro just for job seekers?

Employers can target and affect job seekers when they’re making decisions where to apply or what job offer to take. Candidates seek information and as an employer, you have the ability to proactively participate in what they learn about you.

Do only younger workers and Millennials use OutBüro?

No. LGBT Job seekers of all ages and backgrounds are wanting to research companies online on OutBüro.

Can employers ask employees to write reviews?

Yes. We’d love to have you launch such a campaign. Besides improving employee engagement and creating internal brand ambassadors, providing this “inside perspective” is a fantastic way to assist job seekers deciding if the company is a great fit for them. But, it is strictly against OutBüro’s guidelines to offer incentives in exchange for company reviews/ratings.

We are currently working on creating employee engagement templates to help you jump start your internal company review/rating campaign on OutBüro. If a link is not updated here, use the site Contact form to request.

We look forward to having you part of the OutBüro community.

OutBuro where you belong lgbtq entrprenuers out gay business owers lesbian startups queer professionals employer ratings customer reviews bisexual transgender equality community 1
OutBuro - 10 LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Reviews Monitoring Workplace Diversity Inclusion Recruitment Marketing Branding LGBT Professionals Entrepreneurs Community

3 Ways You Should Be Using OutBüro in Recruiting LGBT Candidates

With over a growing network reach of over 63 thousand gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer professionals, OutBüro is a huge resource that will assist you to attract and close top-tier diversity talent. Candidates utilize the website to research companies, compose and read testimonials, employer reviews/ratings, locate new job opportunities, and professional networking. As a company, efficiently managing your business’s existence on OutBüro will help you put your very best foot forward with those candidates validating your LGBT-friendly policies and work culture.

1. Showcase your company brand

When you add/claim your business listing you are able to:

Participating in the first and only Company Reviews/Ratings for the LGBT global community can enable you to magnify your quality candidate reach and acquisition.

2. Monitor and respond to reviews/rating feedback

OutBüro is a go-to website for LGBT employees to provide anonymous company reviews/ratings with both general work topics and LGBT related interests. Fifty-two percent of active job seekers browse employee testimonials at the onset of their job hunt before talking with a business recruiter or hiring manager.

Make it a point to track and react to reviews and opinions on interviews since they’re posted. Thank people for their time submitting a review, no matter if it is negative or positive overall, and handle any complaints noted. When some do raise a negative experience working at your company, it may be a legitimate opportunity to improve. Others might be an issue of culture match–so do everything you can to become responsive and transparent.

On average, 9 in 10 job seekers find company reviews useful when studying about a prospective new employer. Further, 70 percent state their feeling of a business is enhanced after viewing them positively respond to a negative review/rating critique. It demonstrates that the company is engaged and cares.

3. Post Jobs

When diversity LGBT candidates are exploring your company brand, make it simple for them to discover relevant job opportunities directly on OutBüro. Eighty-nine percent of OutBüro users are actively searching for new career opportunities or might be open to new opportunities if contacted. Since job seekers have likely researched the company prior to submitting their application, they are normally higher quality candidates than people from other job boards that are not focused on the LGBT working force and professional community.

OutBüro is a new site yet, founded on proven tactics to be an important instrument for applicants and, due to our focused growing member base, can be a rather valuable tool for companies like yours. Candidates utilize the website in order to investigate companies they are thinking about working at. Your active presence can go a long way in making the difference in attracting new talent and retaining your current employees, versus losing them to your rival.


OutBuro where you belong lgbtq entrprenuers out gay business owers lesbian startups queer professionals employer ratings customer reviews bisexual transgender equality community 1