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Lesbian Erotica Novelist Pioneers Polyamorous Fiction with ‘A Taste for Three’

HOUSTON, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boldly breaking new ground in a sought-after genre, Ro Smith takes lesbian lit erotica to the next level with a tasteful take on ménage à trois.

A Taste For Three
A Taste For Three
  • A Taste for Three will be released on Amazon on August 31st, 2022, with the kindle version already available to pre-order.
  • The author is known for her lusty lesbian micro reads, often with a black female lead.
  • Previous publications includes The Little Book of Quickies Series – a three-part series of sensual short stories, with each new release attracting an array of rhapsodic reviews.
  • A Taste for Three follows on from Pandora’s Box, a quickie from Part 1 of the series, featuring lesbian couple Eve and Chloe and their unexpected new lover, Renae.

Raunchy romance novels are nothing new, but most feature a tired take on heteronormativity that fails to arouse interest among even the straightest of readers.

Evocative novelist Ro Smith is ready to revolutionize the romance literary landscape with her latest triumph, A Taste for Three. Alluring and avant-garde, this story serves to satisfy those innermost desires, exploring the uncharted intricacies of a three-woman relationship.

Eve and Chloe are the couple that becomes a triad when curvaceous beauty, Renae, brings a much-needed dose of desire, with unexpected consequences. Expertly written to underscore themes of exclusion, Ro Smith’s take on this typically taboo lifestyle is absorbing no matter your orientation.

Ro Smith
Ro Smith

It allows for heightened awareness and understanding by drawing on realistic dialogue and themes that resonate with all who have ever felt desire. Most importantly, Ro Smith paves the way for other black female authors by featuring a strong black female lead, bringing much-needed representation to an international readership.

As she told us; “Black women…especially black, curvy women who happen to be lesbian, are rarely ever written as the main character or love interest in books. I want to change that. Being black is beautiful. Being curvy is beautiful. Being lesbian is beautiful. We, too, deserve to be placed on pedestals.”

And when it comes to diversity in romance novels, Ro’s not wrong. According to The State of Radical Diversity in Publishing, only 11.9% of all romance novels in 2021 were penned by BIPOC (black, indigenous, and/or people of color) authors. In 2017, that number was as low as 6.2%. The report is carried out annually by Bea and Leah Koch, who proudly run a queer-owned romance bookstore named The Ripped Bodice.

These statistics show that A Taste for Three is sure to provide a much-needed dose of diversity in a systemically stagnant romance literary genre.

About the Author

Ro Smith is a risqué erotica and fiction writer with a penchant for providing refreshing character roles in a contemporary literary market. Previous titles include the Little Book of Quickies Series. All three are currently available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

Her debut standalone story puts polyamorous romance books on the map with a realistic portrayal of diverse romantic relationships.

A Taste for Three is available for pre-order here.

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Hot New Book “The Wisdom of Guncles” from Gay Author Michael Dumlao

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with out gay author Michael Dumlao regarding his new book “The Wisdom of Guncles” (gay uncles).

The Wisdom of Guncles is about queer people and their relationship with family — however, they choose to define it. Featuring a diverse pantheon of gay uncles (“guncles”) and other queer mentors, their stories offer unique perspectives about life, love, and personal empowerment.

Michael Dumlao (he/his) is an artist, author, and activist equipped with more than twenty-one years of advancing diversity, equity, and social justice through award-winning brand strategy, digital marketing, and creative storytelling in corporate, federal, academic, and non-profit environments. He led the rebrand of a Fortune 500 company as its first Director of Brand and serves as a senior advisor for leaders in defense and intelligence.

Are you the black sheep in your family who chafes at traditions and seeks examples of how to redefine them?

Grab your Kindle or Paperback copy today.

In our conversation, Michael shares a bit about a few of the stories. We also chat about his process of writing the book and how his passion for storytelling started as a teenager full of angst and his need to express it through writing.  The stories are human stories where any reader regardless of age, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation may connect with the story and perhaps learn a bit about themselves and/or others.  As a family “black sheep” bunking the expectations of others, we can find our own identity, passions, likes, dislikes, and so forth. With some family dynamics, it can take courage to break out and do your own thing.  Some people are completely rejected by birth families for being different, not the following conformity, and for being LGBTQ+. We can choose to view those past negative situations from a victim’s perspective or change our mind’s narrative into viewing it as a challenge that we dealt with and now is a superpower.  With those life lessons learned, the book is about sharing such wisdom with others so that we all may rise and be our true authentic selves.

With each chapter, Dumlao examines what various LGBTQ+ experiences teach about disrupting norms, exploring identity, and creating chosen families that affirm one’s truth. Readers will ponder questions such as:

How do I challenge and change traditions that hide those that are different?  

If I choose to never dim my light, will I become a beacon for others lost in the dark? 

How will recovering past stories and unsung heroes help us create a better future?  

How can I leave a space more welcoming than how I found it? 

The Wisdom of Guncles shares ten powerful journeys, each bearing knowledge honed through struggle and triumph, on living with audacious authenticity and compassion. While these narratives are unapologetically queer, they hold universal lessons about the human condition that, like all stories about family, are grounded in love.

Michael was born in Manila, Philippines, raised in Sydney, Australia, schooled in Santa Barbara, California; residing in Washington DC with his Peruvian husband Daniel and their rescue dog, America. He is the proud guncle to more than fifty far-flung niblings and protégés to whom his debut book, The Wisdom of Guncles, is dedicated.  

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Black Trans Authors Take Their Award Winning Book to the Big Screen

SEATTLE, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After the Black Trans Prayer Book took home the prize for Transgender Non-Fiction at this year’s Lambda Literary Awards, its co-editors already have another award night on their minds: the Emmy’s. As award winning editors and authors, each with multiple solo projects under their belt, J Mase III & Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi are turning their attention from the pen to the big (and little) screen. Having received funding from Creative Capital, the Black Trans Fund and other sources, these two are hard at work adapting their joint book project into a full length documentary.

J Mase III
J Mase III

The Black Trans Prayer Book: a documentary, described as a collection of poems, prayers spells, incantations and theological narratives of Black Trans folks, is currently in production with the intention of having screenings in the Fall of 2022. “Filming during a pandemic has been a true learning and growing experience,” Mase shares. “But this is important work, so we are here to share this sacred tome with everyone who needs to witness it,” decrees Dane. Having launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for its completion, these two have joined forces with videographers Oluseyi Adebanjo and Audria LB to bring this powerful collection of experiences to a wider audience.

Dane Figueroa Edidi
Dane Figueroa Edidi

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J Mase III

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OutBuro Voices 1-31 Ray Baron-Woolford LGBTQ entrepreneurs business owners gay lesbian queer online community

Ray Baron-Woolford: Community Leader, Gay Author & Playwright – Part 1

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Ray Barron-Woolford, a community activist to his core, political assignation attempt survivor, book author, playwright, and so much more.

If you want inspiration into the potential impact one person can make when you believe in yourself AND take action, this conversation is for you. Ray Barron-Woolford is one of the first out gay politicians in Britain (United Kingdom). He has a lifetime record of being a community activist championing for establishing the first not for profit housing organization in Britain and established the largest independent food bank in the UK We Care food bank. He is a gay hate crime murder attempt survivor. He has been and currently many entrepreneurial ventures including being a club promoter, club owner, broadcaster, playwright, and author in addition to being a politician, and community activist. He is a regular contributor to The London Economic, and regular on LBC, Talk Radio Europe, BBC, and RT news.

Ray Barron-Woolford Author Food Bank Britain

In this conversation, we openly chat with Ray whom at first seemed quite fine with a quick one long sentence describing his past. But I wanted to know a bit more detail. You will find as I have grown to know, that Ray is a warm, approachable, humble person that happens to have a heart that considers the needs of others first. He rose from literally nothing as a teen run away in the mid-1970s in Britain, living where he could, often on the streets for months at a time. Like many he was struggling with understanding and coming to terms with his sexual identity s a gay man. He didn’t fully accept his sexuality until he was in his 30s. There weren’t many ways then for him to explore, learn, share, and express himself. He found himself standing across the street from known gay bars assessing the men who entered and exited until one day he mustered the courage to venture in. During this time to get by, he’d often share a flat whom many often also ended up being closeted gay men all too afraid to even share or talk about with each other. So even when he was fortunate enough to have a roof over his head he lived in silence out of fear of being discovered. His life has truly been about helping others. Helping them meet the basic living necessities, rise to improve their situation. As news spread of his political win, now an out gay man, his success and community victories were not praised by all. He was stalked, harassed, had to be placed into police protective custody, and while there was chased by armed men who shot at him. The bullet luckily only grazed his chin, but had the aim been spot on Ray would have lost his life that day. Part 2 shines a light on an unsung female British hero Ray believes does not get the rightful recognition she deserves. Stick around for that interesting and intriguing story that Netflix has optioned.

Ray Barron-Woolford Author Liberty

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