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Texas A&M Students - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking LGBT Business News Employer Reviews Information Queer Community Lesbian Entrepreneuer GLBT Job Board PostingsTexas A&M has been ranked in the top 20 “Unfriendly Schools for LGBT students” in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 by the Princeton Review. Until now, the Texas A&M University Student Senate has never passed any legislation to support the LGBT community.  This week, in a historic move, the Texas A&M Student Senate has passed two resolutions in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Aggies.

The first resolution approved Wednesday night expresses support for the school’s GLBT resource center, acknowledges several past-students who pushed for student equality and recognizes Texas A&M for sponsoring, for the first time, an appearance at the 2017 Houston Pride Parade.

Click here to read the first resolution.

Texas A&M Students - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking LGBT Business News Employer Reviews Information Queer Community Lesbian Entrepreneuer GLBT


The second resolution encourages A&M to establish more gender-inclusive restrooms on campus.

Gender-Inclusive bathrooms are public bathrooms that people of any gender, gender identity, and people with disabilities are permitted to use.

According to the resolution, A&M has permitted two psychology buildings to have gender-inclusive bathrooms, but the Student Senate calls for the administration to continue taking steps towards creating a university-wide gender-inclusive bathroom policy.

Click here to read the 2nd resolution.

“I truly hope that these resolutions inspire more young prospective and current Aggies to continue to fight for inclusivity and equality at Texas A&M,” said Zach Huebschman, one of the students who introduced the resolutions.

“I want to also thank all of the students who attended the meeting to express their voice and I would like to thank the Senate for taking a bold step towards a better University for all students,” he said.

Check out the following LGBTQ Student resources:


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