The Open Tech Pledge Movement to Increase Representation of Marginalized Persons on Boards and C-Level Positions in Tech

OTP Helps Organizations Attract and Keep Candidates by Demonstrating Their Commitment to Increase DEI by taking their leadership pledge.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DEI–Open Tech Pledge (OTP) announces its formation to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through increasing representation of marginalized persons on boards and c-level positions within tech. OTP provides a pledge for organizations to sign and an outline in order for tech companies to actually have DEI occur.

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OTP is formed by respected tech leaders with experience in helping major organizations “thread the needle” on improving their DEI representation. The Open Tech Pledge serves to inform candidates on those companies who are seeking to evolve their DEI representation at senior levels. It is particularly relevant for organizations who either create tech products such as the entertainment and tech innovation sectors; organizations where tech and cybersecurity teams are integral to core products and services, such as banking/finance, manufacturing, energy/utilities and retail; and organizations that are foundational to the tech and security sectors, such as venture capital.

Signing their pledge is an acknowledgement of the need for and importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Signees acknowledge that the fastest and most effective route to DEI requires representation at the top. When historically marginalized voices are heard at leadership levels, resulting actions can foster a trickledown effect throughout the company that attracts talent. In return, it calls over time for increases in representation of marginalized identities from less than 20% to 50%+ for all levels in tech.

Chloé Messdaghi, Open Tech Pledge Co-Founder, said: “Research has shown over and over again, to truly have diversity, equity, and inclusion, DEI must be reflected by the leadership that drives the company’s vision. We understand that many companies don’t care about inclusion, and it’s unfortunately reflected in their products and workplace culture. Such organizations are responsible parties for the “rotating door” cultural problem plaguing tech. We Open Tech is here to serve organizations that are tired of continually cleaning up after the impacts of discrimination, diversity retaliation, and gatekeeping because of our differences. It’s time to share the mic and take some uncomfortable, but much needed actions.”

Camile Eddy, Open Tech Pledge Co-Founder, said: “We need to recognize that we have a problem. The problem is marginalized persons still to this day do not feel comfortable or welcomed in tech. We still have microaggressions, code-switching, pay gaps, implicit biases, and stereotypes. Companies claim they are practicing better DEI; however, in too many cases it’s more like lip service. These issues haven’t decreased over time, they have remained consistent. Until we have representation, we will continue to struggle with these equity issues. The Open Tech Pledge badge on an organization’s website is emblematic proof of that company’s commitment to move beyond narrow thinking and embrace DEI. It’s also a welcome sign to the highest quality candidates.”

OTP gives organizations the outline, organizations write the blueprint for their DEI:

OTP encourages signee companies to move forward with their individual approaches to implementing diversity efforts in their own way, while demonstrating their strong commitment that the organization will embrace challenges with governing ideals and new learning that promotes a more productive, equitable and sustainable work culture.

“Open Tech Pledge is writing a new outline that has not existed before. We depend on organizations committed to DEI to take this pledge, and build it up.” – Camile Eddy

“Organizations creating a blueprint does make them rumble with vulnerability, but it provides a walk of discomfort in comfort.” – Chloé Messdaghi

About Open Tech Pledge:

Open Tech Pledge is working to increase representation of marginalized identities from less than 20% to 50%+ for all levels in tech by focusing on having representation of marginalized persons in leadership positions. For more information, visit opentechpledge.org

Additional Resources:

To review and sign the pledge: https://www.opentechpledge.org/
For any questions, contact OTP at info@opentechpledge.org


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