Timothy Eric Stahl – Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Tim Stahl is an LGBT entrepreneur who leveraged his life experiences to launch his business helping others achieve optimal health. Through TEN – Timothy Eric Nutrition Coach Tim works with persons living with chronic illnesses such as HIV, diabetes, heart disease, obesity-related illnesses, anxiety, depression, and others to make slow yet steady impactful changes in their food choices. These changes increase whole food nutrition intake while decreasing highly processed foods which increase inflammation.

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Are you struggling with chronic illness taking daily prescription medications? Are you overweight, sluggish, have problems focusing and concentrating? Do you have problems getting and staying asleep? Do you struggle with stress? What you eat makes a huge difference. Processed sugar is our number one enemy.

Often clients begin feeling better, having more energy, thinking clearer with reduced depression or anxiety within a few short weeks. Over time, working with a holistic coach like Tim at TEN clients lose the cravings for junk foods, decrease weight, and often decrease or eliminate prescription drugs no longer needed due to healthy eating. Some current medical issues such as HIV cannot be fully reversed through healthy eating only. Healthy eating though supports the body’s immune system and all the benefits of good nutrition leading to a healthier, happier life. Tim through TEN works with individuals and groups.

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Learn more at http://www.timothyericnutrition.com/

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