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Tom Carlucci: Building Rome – The Largest LGBTQ Resort in Florida

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with serial entrepreneur Tom Carlucci in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Tom is building ROME, which will be the largest gay resort and entertainment complex in Florida serving both local as well as vacation travelers.  

Rome - The Largest LGBTQ Resort in Florida Gay Vacation Hotel Complex Tampa Bat St Pete Saint Petersburg

Prior to launching Riceplex (more info below), Tom spent several years in the hospitality industry working at large casino resorts in Atlantic City.  He worked in many areas of the resort’s operation which provides him a great foundation for his newest entrepreneurial quest in building the largest LGBTQ resort and entertainment complex in Florida literally from the ground up.  His new resort is called ROME with distinctive Mediterranean architecture and decor.    

Tom explains that ROME will be a members-only resort a decision to increase the safety of all guests so that only members who are biometrically identified may enter.  ROME will be an inclusive place for all community members offering various dining, entertainment, activities, and venues to suit whatever mood you are in on that day.  ROME will also have different levels of rooms from large well appoint suits for those on extended stays to smaller rooms for those last-minute smart decisions to stay the night versus driving home after a night of exuberant celebration.  From Tom’s experience in large resorts, he knows how an exceptional service experience is important.  So, like those large resorts, ROME will employ the use of a guest experience database capturing the choices customers make so for example if they know a frequent guest loves chocolate, they may have it in their room upon arrival.  Attention to detail and quality will be the hallmark of ROME.    

Tom is the founder of Riceplex which is a nutritional product ingredient company, focused on plant-based nutritional powders. It supplies bulk material to small to medium-sized formulators (primarily smoothie/health shake makers and nutrition bar manufacturers. We have a direct-to-consumer retail segment served by our core online venues: Riceplex.com, PoseidonHealth.com, and HapaVir.com.  It also supplies nutrition-focused call center operations with private label products.  This company was founded in 2002.  

Tom currently has a few potential development sites around Tampa Bay under consideration and expects to have the location choice nailed down by Jan 2021. Once that happens there will likely be 5-6 months of slight layout adjustment to the master plan and then breaking ground in the Summer of 2021. His goal is to be open by the Summer of 2022.  An aggressive target for a large project like this, but Tom will be on top of all details along the way.    You can join ROME today and be an early supporter.  The early member who join now and during the construction phase will have special perks to show appreciation.  Check out the site and join ROME today at http://TheRomeVenture.com/ 

To connect with Tom find him on OutBüro here. https://outburo.com/profile/tomcarlucci/ 

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