Top Financial Training Firm Offers Scholarships to Provide Greater Access

Knopman Marks Financial Training partners with Access Distributed to provide scholarships for SIE exam preparation to people from communities underrepresented in the financial services industry

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EducationKnopman Marks Financial Training, a leading financial education company that provides FINRA exam preparation, has announced a partnership with Access Distributed, an organization expanding access to careers in finance and entrepreneurship for undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds.

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Knopman Marks has selected this year’s cohort of Access Distributed’s Finance Fellows as the first recipients of scholarships to train to pass the Securities Industry Essentials Exam (SIE), an exam created to lessen barriers to entry into the industry,

The Knopman Marks Scholarship offers training to prepare students to take the SIE Exam, a foundational exam for a career in financial planning or securities. This scholarship will open access to careers for underrepresented communities in the industry, while providing opportunities to those in disadvantaged socio-economic or educational circumstances.

“We’re thrilled to make these scholarships available to Finance Fellows at Access Distributed,” says Liza Streiff, CEO of Knopman Marks Financial Training. “The aim of our SIE scholarship is to help create access to a career in finance to those who otherwise would not have that opportunity.”

Access Distributed’s mission is to make business careers accessible, no matter where students are coming from.

“Top students want to land high-powered careers but do have the access to the right tools or resources, while employers are seeking qualified, diverse talent who will stay in a job,” says Mannie Ajavi at Access Distributed. “This scholarship will open doors to our students who are looking for additional education in financial services and another leg up in their job search.”

The SIE does not require sponsorship and provides an edge in the race to secure a competitive internship, analyst position, or another registered position at a financial firm. By offering underrepresented communities an opportunity to prepare for the SIE exam, Knopman Marks and Access Distributed are providing students and young professionals with a way to stand out in the financial services field.

“Our team is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive financial services industry,” says Marcia Larson, Head of Partnerships at Knopman Marks. “We’d like to share our team’s resources with those seeking additional resources to break through in the industry.”

Knopman Marks trained more than 11,000 candidates in 2020, helping students pass 17,591 exams with an average first-time pass rate of 96.54%. Knopman Marks–trained exam candidates consistently earn the highest pass rates in the industry. In a typical year, 98% of candidates studying with Knopman Marks for the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam pass on their first try.

Those seeking to apply to the Knopman Marks SIE Scholarship can reach out to Marcia Larson for more details: scholarship@knopman.com

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