Wellview Named Top Well-Being Startup of 2021 by Startup City Magazine

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Startup City Magazine has named Wellview one of its Top Well-Being Companies of 2021. A magazine dedicated to following innovative early-stage companies, Startup City chose Wellview for its commitment to bringing more cost effective, holistic care to the employee health plans.

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“It’s a true honor to be recognized for our company’s dedication to changing healthcare. We’re proud to be placed alongside these other innovative companies for this award,” said James Story, CEO and Co-founder of Wellview. “I believe we were named because of our unique, consumer data-driven approach to care and industry leading results. We’ve flipped traditional workplace wellness plans on their head. Our focus is on delivering value not by management of people, but by supporting people with holistic, human-centered care. After all, health and well-being aren’t cookie-cutter protocols and programs that require the same action-steps for all people. Health is personal. To successfully impact people, health and well-being must be integrated into a person’s entire life. Why has so much of healthcare forgotten to treat people as people? Isn’t it time for a little disruption in this broken system?”

Story said that while other healthcare providers treat patients reactively once illness sets in, Wellview focuses on proactive, whole person well-care and sustainable condition management. The company focuses on a collaborative care approach led by behaviorally trained health experts offering physical, emotional, mental, and financial wellness support services. These care solutions are all accessed through the Wellview platform, combatting the siloed nature of traditional wellness and care management offerings and increasing patient engagement by 9 times the industry standard.

At the start of 2021, the company named Coley Williams its new Director of Mental Health and expanded its financial wellness offerings. The move was made because of the incredible demand for services employees could access conveniently, especially during the pandemic, Barfield said.

“We put employees at the center of everything, and surround them with Health Advisors whose job is to understand their health goals, then connect them with the right tools and experts. We prioritize a patient’s lifestyle needs and personal interests and then balance our approach with their clinical risk profiles. This is the missing coaching and support that patients need, the secret ingredient that helps them not just comply with prescribed medication routines, but make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives. Our plans for the future will definitely take us a few steps closer to our vision of simplified, personalized, sustainable healthcare,” Barfield added.

For more information about the Startup City profile on Wellview and its recent naming to the list, read it here.

About Wellview:

Founded in 2013 in Nashville, Tenn., Wellview is a digital health platform offering population care services to employers looking to reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes. Since its founding, Wellview has worked with companies from small startups to major corporations throughout the US, achieving record-breaking health engagement, improved clinical outcomes, and claims-cost reduction rates. The company expects another year of double-digit growth in 2021. To learn more about Wellview, please visit wellviewhealth.com.


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