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Justin Buchbinder: What Does a Professional Social Media Director Do?

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Justin Buchbinder, the Director of Social Media at FINN Partners.

This is the first in a series of dialogs with Justin, he describes what his role is, how he grew in his career, how social media is a great equalizer where everyone has the same ability and his role with his clients.

FINN Partners is a global marketing agency that primarily serves the mid to large client market with a full suite of services with over 850 professionals around the globe.

Justin is an OUT #LGBTQ professional who values sharing is wide and deep knowledge with the OutBüro #LGBT professional and #entrepreneur community so that #gay, #lesbian, #bisexual, #transgender, and #queer business owners and community organizations may excel at creating effective #SocialMedia champagnes on any budget that is measurable and effective.

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Find Justin on OutBüro: https://www.outburo.com/profile/justinbuchbinder/

  • 00:30 Overview of Finn Partners #Marketing Agency
  • 02:20 How did you become a Social Media Director?
  • 03:00 Social media was love at first sight
  • 03:30 To be a Social Media Specialist you need to hang on and keep pace
  • 04:30 Social media is an equalizer everyone can leverage no matter size or budget
  • 05:20 Realist photography is a new trend – showing everyday people
  • 05:40 Align social media to support the business goals and right metrics
  • 07:00 Social media is not a piece of the pie. It should be another layer of the whole pie.
  • 08:00 The average American spends 2 hours a day on social media

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