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What does LGBTQ mean?

Have you stumbled on these letters or heard someone use them and not quite sure about its meaning? LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.

You may also see LGBTQ+, many feel Queer is an umbrella all-inclusive all-encompassing term. Other Don,t and will add the “+” symbol to represent the full spectrum of the community.

On social media, in marketing, in texting, and generally anywhere you may see other variations. Basically here is what each letter represents and for definitions and a broader list check out our List of LGBTQ+ terms with definitions.

  • L = Lesbian
  • G = Gay and/or Genderqueer. Sometimes two G’s are presented
  • B = Bisexual
  • T = Transgender
  • Q = Queer and/or questioning sometimes a second Q is provided
  • I = Intersex
  • A = Asexual
  • P = Pansexual and/or Polygamous
  • A = a second A is for Allies and/or Aromantic. Sometimes all three A’s will be present
  • K = Kink

Here are some variations you may see:

  • GLBT

Check out these additional guides:

About the author: Dennis Velco
An LGBTQ rights activist who focuses on the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur community. Enabling employer brands to thrive and demonstrate their support for their LGBTQ employees and the community.

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