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What would you suggest? Desperate in Sri Lanka

What resources would you recommend?  This just sent to me via the OutBüro website contact us form:

I’m 22 years old boy I’m living in Sri Lanka. I living without family because they have refused me because I’m gay. They did lots of cruel thing to me. I became very helpless that’s why I left my family. I have contacted and tried to get help through many LGBTIQ organizations in Sri Lanka but the staff expected sex. They only pretended to be helping for sex and to take my photo to support their donation fund raising.

My dream is to get an education in social services but it is difficult to get an education and have a job in Sri Lanka with a bad relationship with my family. I want to leave Sri Lanka to study and build a life where I can be happy and be my self. Helping other people like myself in situations where their family has abandoned them and help them succeed is my goal.

I feel so alone and helpless. Are there organizations outside of Sri Lanka that may help me relocate and get started on my education?

I found the OutBüro website from a Google search. It seems so professional that I thought I would give it a chance and write you.

Please help me to leave here and build up my life and do some good for our people.

Thank you.

What thoughtful and constructive advice might you give? Please provide links to any organization you feel this young LGBT person might contact. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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