With Unemployment Benefits Ending, the Future Workforce in Georgia Is Flexing

MyWorkChoice® Creates Worker Flexibility to Fill Jobs for Roper Corporation, a GE Appliances wholly owned subsidiary, in LaFayette, GA

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#flexiblejobs–MyWorkChoice, the app-enabled W-2 workforce, is building a new community of workers who can choose to work 4-40 hours a week, easily picking up and dropping shifts to create a schedule that works around their lives. They are bringing this innovative model to the state of Georgia, with Roper Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GE Appliances, a Haier company, putting jobs in the palm of the hands of hourly workers who may be returning to work for the first time since the pandemic hit over a year ago.

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With the announcement by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp ending unemployment benefits on June 26th, people who find themselves needing job flexibility, especially women, will find opportunities plentiful with MyWorkChoice. In addition to 4-hour shifts, weekly paychecks, and W-2 employment status with optional health benefits available, makes working for companies like GE Appliances brings an added bonus of being associated with a globally recognized brand.

“We’re excited to partner with MyWorkChoice to offer our community the option of working full or part-time, ensuring that this facility continues to be one of the leading employers in state,” said Lois Crandell, President and Executive Director of Roper Corporation.

Roper Corporation relies on MyWorkChoice to fill their labor needs in this critical field of appliance manufacturing. They are currently looking to hire 300 new workers in June, with additional hires being added throughout the summer. Interested workers are encouraged to apply here.

“The time has come to recognize that hourly workers, especially women, are not only essential to the workforce ecosystem, but deserve the opportunity to choose their schedule – from part-time to full-time, with flexibility that fits into their lives. This is a fundamental shift in how we view the hourly workforce,” says Tana Greene, co-founder and CEO of MyWorkChoice.


MyWorkChoice is focused on helping forward-thinking companies build the workforce of the future. Through a flexible scheduling platform, proprietary app, and community of W-2 employees, we bridge the gap between hourly workers who need flexibility and employers who require a dependable workforce. For more information contact media@myworkchoice.com or visit myworkchoice.com.


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