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Would You be Fired for Adding an Employer Review-Rating?

The good.  The bad.  The amazing.  You want to SHOUT it but feel you can’t. Shh… Yes, you can.  You can still be a superhero with the power to create change.

Shh..OutBüro is a catch-all bucket Employer listing is for you. 

LGBTQ employer ratings/review overview

Employer social media policy – no employer ratings/reviews

In response to the rise of the employer rating/review sites such as OutBüro some employers have implemented social media policies in where if an employee has been found to have left and employer review/rating while still employed there they run a high risk of being fired. Is that you? Sure if it is a positive review they will likely turn their head and allow that. But when an employee has had an experience such as discrimination and/or harassment and posts about that the employer is more likely to enforce the policy adding salt to your already wounded employer experience firing you now with cause. This can leave the employee feeling like they have no options but to endure the bad employer working conditions and be part of the 72% of LGBTQ employees who suffer mental stress due to work environment where employers do not have a comprehensive LGBTQ inclusive, supportive and welcoming environment where LGBTQ bullying is not tolerated. Not only are those companies fostering a toxic work culture they are missing out on all the benefits of being LGBTQ inclusive.

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An employer rating/review may blow my anonymity

Maybe you are just not out and afraid that your rating/review could possibly “out” you believing your review/rating would pretty much blow the concept of being anonymous.

Perhaps you work for a small employer and feel that providing an employer review/rating on the actual employers listing would make it very apparent as to who placed it in there for blowing your anonymity. You may feel this would jeopardize your job if you choose or have no choice but remain and it could make your work environment that much more hostile.

Your experience is valid and voice needed

Whatever reason.  YOUR voice is needed. Even with all the LGBTQ discrimination and harassment cases that get filed every year so many suffer in silence fear of losing their job and their stability of an income.

Your voice and experience are still valid in any of these cases and as a community, we would appreciate you sharing it with us. For such cases, we have created the Shh..OutBüro is a catch-all bucket Employer listing. Even with all the LGBTQ discrimination and harassment cases that get filed every year so many suffer in silence fear of losing their job and their stability of an income. Think of it as an employer review/rating on the DL (down low).

Even while anonymous and even if you feel you need to post on the Shh..OutBüro is a catch-all bucket Employer listing, telling your story, getting it off your chest, putting it out there, is therapeutic and may help you feel empowered to deal with your situation even if that means moving on to a more LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming employer.

It will also help by increasing our collective understanding of the state of LGBTQ Employer/workplace/corporate equality.  It is you standing up providing YOUR voice for workplace-corporate equality. 

Please be sure to answer the statistical data area so that at minimum your voice may be attributed to measurable elements such as geographics and demographics.

We believe that no employer is perfect and that is OK. Companies are made of people and the more people you have the more complex it becomes. People have a lifetime of learned beliefs and prejudices and those don’t easily get left at home when they go to work. Policies of non-discrimination is outstanding and employers who conduct LGBTQ sensitivity training are amazing yet if we look at the laws on sexual harassment that where enacted 40 years ago, sexual harassment policies and training and yet still today it is prevalent you can only draw a conclusion that the struggle for true LGBTQ equality and inclusion where zero discrimination and harassment happens is unfortunately likely decades away just here in the United States let alone around the world.

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That is why YOUR experiences and voice matters to attempt to speed that process all while it benefits the employer to do so.

IF YOU ARE OK with placing your review/rating anonymously on your actual employee record, that is appreciated and the intent of the site. 

Swing back every 4 months and give us an update.

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About the author: Dennis Velco
An LGBTQ rights activist who focuses on the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur community. Enabling employer brands to thrive and demonstrate their support for their LGBTQ employees and the community.

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