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You Belong and Your Voice Matters in LGBTQ Corporate Equality

Come join today. It is free to add your professional profile similar to LinkedIn however we focus on the LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as our employers who support LGBTQ workplace equality. After you’ve added your profile check out to see if your current or recent past employers are listed on the site, if not you may add them as an employee for free and then rate/review them. Let the world know what a fantastic employer you work for or perhaps provide constructive feedback on how they can improve creating a welcoming environment that studies show that it improves their financial bottom line. You’re rating/review is about doing good – for yourself, the company and future employees.

The site is fairly intuitive, yet if you need a little guidance, check out the growing repository of community user support instructional documents.

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An LGBTQ social entrepreneur who focuses on strengthening the global LGBTQ+ through connecting, engaging, online, and in person.

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